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Econophysics Colloquium 2007

The 3rd edition of the Econophysics Colloquium
to be held in Ancona, from 27 to 29 September, 2007.

The aim of the conference is to gather together researchers from
different communities (Physics, Economics, Finance, Mathematics,
Biology, Computer Science and Engineering) in order to review recent
results, exchange ideas and methods and confront different view points
on common problems linking economics and physical sciences.

The ambition of the organizers is to promote open-minded, fruitful,
cross-fertilizing exchanges between renowned academics of different
fields, market analysts and practitioners.

A wide range of topics has been covered including but not limited
to Agent-based models (theory and simulations), Econophysics,
Socio-Economic Networks, Information, Bounded Rationality and Learning
in Economics, Markets as Complex Adaptive Systems - Evolutionary
Economics, Multiscale analysis and modeling, Non-linear Dynamics and
Econometrics, Physics of Risk, Statistical and probabilistic methods
in Economics and Finance, Complexity.

We remember you that the deadline for abstracts submission is April 30, 2007.

Best regards,

Giulia De Masi,
Michele Catalano,
Fabio Clementi,
Mauro Gallegati

Summer School 2007

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